Rotary International District 2660

(Osaka, JAPAN)


R.I. District 2660 covers the northern part of Osaka prefecture, and comprises 4800 members, and 86 rotary clubs.

Although the area of Osaka prefecture is only 0.5% of all Japan, there are more than 8,800,000 people, about 7% of Japan's population, in only about 1,891.63 square kilometers, locating approximately in the middle of our nation, JAPAN.

Please check your Atlas in the Far East region !!. Osaka prefecture's latitude is about the same as North Africa.

Our district houses Osaka city that is Japan's third largest commercial city, and many other satellite cities. Our district have more than a 1,000 years of shared history with Kyoto and Nara, and prospers as a center of government, economy, and culture, and continues as a prominent international manufacturing and consumer center. Businesses range in size from multinationals to small enterprises in Osaka are suitable for a variety of observation.